Saturday, March 7, 2009

More prozac, please...I live in Atlanta.

MSNRealEstate periodically runs these rankings of cities, in order to show where one ought to live. This time, the ranking is "unhappiness" or "depression", based on a combination of factors such as unemployment rate, divorce rate, suicide rate, crime rate, and even "cloudy day rate".

And for some reason, the capital of the Peach State (formerly known as the Empire State of the South, which I think is a far better nickname) comes in at #10. I think that's pretty hilarious, considering how few depressed people I know around here. There's no way you can tell me that New York (or at least one of its five boroughs) isn't on this list, and if we're using a city's "cloudy day rate" as an indicator of depression, then I ask you: where is Seattle?

Just writing this has brought on a certain amount of melancholy. I must leave you, gentle reader, for now, while I go and lie down and hope for the pain to go away...

EDIT (03/09/09): Turns out Seattle is on the #20. Complete BS; it should be much higher than that.

Also, for some of my friends: Nicole, Louisville is #17.

Thomas, Memphis is #14, tied with Pittsburgh, PA.

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